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GREE VIR12115-141250

12,000 BTU 22 SEER Wall Mount Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 115V & 50' Line Set

SKU : VIR12115-141250
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About this Item

Bundle Includes: VIR12HP115V1AO, VIR12HP115V1AH, LS1412FF50W
  • Yearly Estimated Cooling Cost: $144
  • SEER: 22
  • Recommended Room Size: 400 - 650 ft2
This item has been retired by the manufacturer and is no longer available. You may find similar products by viewing our selection of Single Zone Systems below.
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Product Highlights

System Includes:
  • Outdoor Condenser: VIR12HP115V1AO
  • Indoor Wall Mounted Air Handler: VIR12HP115V1AH
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • 50' Line Set Kit: LS1412FF50W

Presenting the new Vireo inverter heat pump mini split from Gree, the most trusted HVAC manufacturer in the world. With cutting edge technology and Gree's famous G10 inverter compressor, Vireo saves energy year round at efficiency levels up to 23 SEER. Vireo also has unparalleled features that make it a perfect option for your home or office needs. Its aesthetic and minimalistic design blends well with any décor, and its high-quality construction guarantees a long product life. In addition, the system has a convenient control center that allows complete control of the temperature, operation, fan speed, airflow direction and more. Vireo combines world-class technology and aesthetic design to provide cool comfort that will not impact the environment or your wallet.

Features & Benefits:

  • Multiple speed fan
  • Timer
  • I Feel mode
  • IR remote control
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Privacy lock mode
  • Sleep mode
  • Fahrenheit °F / Celsius °C
  • Self-diagnosis
  • High efficiency G-10 Inverter Technology
  • Low voltage start-up
  • Quiet operation
  • Intelligent defrost
  • Power failure mode
  • Intelligent pre-heating
  • Polymeric air filters
  • 5/7 year limited warranty

Please Note: Mini Split Systems must be installed by a licensed Contractor with an EPA Refrigerant Certification to qualify for warranty.

Can I install this myself?
While installation of a ductless split is much easier than a central air system, it's still much more advanced than installing a window unit or portable. Furthermore, the manufacturer warranty is only valid if a licensed professional does the installation. So while it is possible to do the installation yourself, we strongly recommend you hire an HVAC professional in your area.

Is this backed by a warranty?
Yes, it comes fully backed by a manufacturer's warranty, and ComfortUp is an authorized online seller of these systems. Our Customer Care Team will provide assistance should you ever need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Please be aware that only systems that are installed by a licensed HVAC contractor are backed by the warranty. Proof of licensed installation is required. The receipt/invoice from your contractor should be sufficient.

Brand GREE
Filter Type Washable Polymeric Air Filter
Mounting Type Wall
Rated Heating Capacity (BTU) 2764-16582
Cycle/Hertz 60
Minimum Circuit Amps 15
Corrosion Protection Yes
Sound Pressure Rating ID - 45/40/34/28 dB(A) OD - 53 dB(A)
Energy Star Rated Yes
Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU) 3514-14569
Voltage 115 VAC
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) 12.5
4-Way Remote Air Flow Control No
Wireless No
Model Family Vireo
Phase Single
Warranty Offered Yes
Number of Zones/Rooms 1 Zone
Nominal Capacity (BTU) 12,000
HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) 10.2
Refrigerant R-410a
Equipment Type Heat Pump
Inverter Technology Yes
Maximum Fuse Size 25
Liquid/Gas Line Set Size 50' - 1/4" x 1/2"
Tonnage 1
Product Family Vireo
Room Size 400 - 650 ft2

Remote Controller

Remote Control

Part Name

  • ON/OFF Button
  • Fan Button
  • Mode Button
  • Up Button
  • Swing Button
  • Turbo Button
  • Down Button
  • Temp Button
  • Sleep Button
  • I Feel Button
  • Clock Button
  • Light Button
  • Timer On/Off Button


Remote display icon


The wireless remote controller is sleek, versatile and allows you to change room temperatures and functions on your Vireo system from the palm of your hand. The large LCD display and buttons make it easy-to-understand and easy-to-use.

The remote controller is set from factory to display temperatures in °F. If °C is desired, turn the remote controller OFF with the ON/OFF button and then press “MODE“ and buttons on the remote simultaneously for 5 seconds.

On mode display


When the system is in OFF mode, the remote controller will display the time and last room setpoint. When you press the ON/OFF button, this indicator will be displayed and the unit will start in the last operating mode and room setpoint.

NOTE: If the ON/OFF button is pressed too soon after a stop, the compressor will not start for 1 to 5 min. due to the inherent protection against frequent compressor cycling.

On mode display


The setpoint temperature, outdoor temperature or room temperature can be displayed on the front panel. Only setpoint temperature is displayed on the remote controller.

When the “TEMP” button is pushed once, the temperature indicator Indicator icon is displayed. This indicates that the setpoint temperature is displayed on the front panel.

When the “TEMP” button is pushed a second time, the display will show an Indicator icon icon with a thermometer inside a house. This indicates that the room temperature is displayed on the front panel.

When the "TEMP” button is pushed a third time, the display will show an Indicator icon icon with a thermometer outside a house. This indicates that the outdoor temperature is displayed on the front panel. (Not available on some models).

The room temperature and outdoor temperature will be displayed for only 5 seconds before reverting back to displaying room setpoint.



  • Press the Vertical Swing Louver button to select five different vertical (up & down) air discharge directions including Continuous Sweep. The Swing Louver Icon icon will be displayed. Press this button to set swing angle, which changes in direction as below: Icon image Icon Indicates louver swings back and forth in the five directions, as shown.



The Privacy Lock prevents unauthorized access to the unit controls and prevents tampering with system settings. The remote controller can be locked by pushing the "" and "" buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. The Privacy Lock icon will be displayed on the remote controller. Repeat the process to unlock the remote controller.



Press this button to use the I FEEL function, and the (Icon) icon will be displayed. The unit will sense room temperature at the remote controller instead of at the indoor unit. It then adjusts airflow and temperature accordingly for the ultimate in personal comfort control and energy savings. Press the button again to exit this function. For best performance, keep remote controller away from heat or cold temperature sources while using this function.

On mode display


Use the “MODE” button to select one of the available modes. The selected mode will be displayed on the remote controller and the appropriate light will illuminate on the front display panel.

  • AUTO – Unit will automatically select heating or cooling to maintain room temperature between 68°F and 77°F. The remote controller will display the Auto Mode icon with no setpoint.

    COOL – To cool to selected setpoint and remove moisture. Press or to adjust set temperature. System varies compressor speed to maintain desired temperature.

    HEAT – To heat to selected room setpoint. Press or to adjust set temperature. System varies compressor speed to maintain desired room temperature.

    FAN ONLY – To circulate air without heating or cooling. Use Fan Speed button to select speed from low to high.

    DRY – Select DRY MODE to increase moisture removal during warm humid conditions. In this mode, fan speed cannot be adjusted.

    • If the Room Temperature is more than 4°F above the set temperature, the system will be operating in cooling mode with low fan speed.

    • If the Room Temperature is between 4°F higher than, and 4°F less than, the set temperature, the system will cycle 6 minutes ON and 4 minutes OFF in cooling mode. The indoor fan will be at low speed.

    • If the Room Temperature is more than 4°F below the set temperature, the system will be OFF and the indoor fan will be at low speed.



In Heat mode, press"TEMP"and "CLOCK" buttons simultaneously to start up 46°F heating function. When this function is started up, "($)" and "46°F" will be displayed on the remote controller, and the unit will maintain room temperature above 46°F. Press"TEMP" and "CLOCK" buttons simultaneously again to cancel Freeze Guard protection.



Timer-ON / Timer-OFF BUTTON

To set when you want the unit to turn On at the end of a selected time period, use the button labeled “Timer-ON/Timer-OFF”on the remote controller. Press this button to make the clock icon disappear, replaced with the word “ON” (blinking). Press or buttons to adjust timer setting 1 minute at a time. Press and hold or button to set timer more quickly. Press“Timer-ON/Timer-OFF” button again to confirm setting, and the word “ON” will stop blinking. To cancel, press“Timer-ON/Timer-OFF” button again.

To set when you want the unit to turn Off at the end of a selected time period, use the same button. Press this button to make the clock icon disappear, replaced with the word “OFF” (blinking). Adjust settings the same as with“Timer-ON/Timer-OFF”settings.

NOTE: Under Timer On and Off status, you can set“Timer-ON/Timer-OFF”simultaneously. Before setting timer, be sure to set clock to correct time.



The desired room setpoint can be achieved faster in TURBO mode. After selecting the “HEAT” or “COOL” mode button, push the “TURBO” button. The TURBO Icon icon will be displayed on the remote controller and the unit will run at an ultra-high speed. To deactivate the feature, push the “TURBO” button again. The unit will return to normal operation.



Press this button to turn off display light on indoor unit. Press again to turn it back on.



Press the FAN button to adjust the indoor fan speed:
Low ( Icon ) Medium ( Icon ), High ( Icon ), Turbo and Auto.

  • Turbo function is not available in Dry and Auto mode.

  • The fan operates at low speed in Dry and Auto modes, and the speed cannot be adjusted.

  • When Auto is selected, the unit will select the proper fan speed automatically, according to the ambient temperature

NOTE: Turbo function is not available in Dry and Auto Modes. The Vireo unit will select proper fan speed automatically according to ambient temperature



Press this button to set clock time.“” icon on remote controller will blink. Within 5 seconds, press or button to set clock time. With each pressing of or buttons, clock time will increase or decrease 1 minute. To quickly adjust time setting, press and hold or button for 2 seconds. Release button when you have reached the desired time setting. Press “CLOCK” button to confirm the time, and “” icon will stop blinking.

NOTE: Clock time adopts 24-hour mode. A 12-hour time format is not available.



In Cool mode, press"TEMP" and "CLOCK" buttons simultaneously to start the energy-saving function."SE" will be shown on remote controller, and the unit will adjust the set temperature automatically to reach to the best energy-saving effect. Press"TEMP"and "CLOCK" buttons simultaneously again to cancel energy-saving mode.



The Vireo system will automatically adjust room temperature during your sleep time. This slight change in temperature will not affect your comfort level due to the natural effects that sleeping has on the body, but it will save on energy consumption and will lower your electric bill. The Vireo System has three Sleep Modes to select from. Press the SLEEP button to select Sleep 1, Sleep 2, Sleep 3 modes or Cancel. The SLEEP Icon icon will appear.


In Traditional Mode the unit will slowly relax the room set temperature by up to 4° F until Sleep Mode is cancelled.



In Expert Mode the unit will adjust the room set temperature at a rate based on the starting set temperature value. Sleep Mode will continue until cancelled.



You will be required to enter eight (8) room setpoint values for eight (8) hours of run time. The last room setpoint value will be maintained until sleep mode is cancelled.

In Sleep Mode 3, press "Prog" button to enter setup mode. The remote controller will display “1:00” in the time location. Use the “+” and “-“ buttons to select the desired room setpoint for the first hour of run time. Then press the “Prog” button to save the setpoint.

The remote controller time display will change to “2:00.” Once again, use the “+” and “-“ buttons to select the desired room setpoint for the second hour of run time, and press the “Prog” button to again save the setpoint.

Repeat this sequence for the eight (8) room setpoint values. After all eight (8) values have been entered, the remote controller will automatically revert to standard time and temperature display, and the Sleep 3 Mode will begin.

At any time, you may press the “ON/OFF," " Mode," " Timer," "Sleep” or “Turbo" buttons to cancel the Sleep 3 Mode.

NOTE: During this procedure, if no button is pressed within 10 seconds, remote controller will automatically exit the sleep curve setting and resume original display. If ON/OFF, MODE, TIMER, SLEEP, COOLING or HEATING button is pressed during the setting or inquiry procedure, remote controller will also exit the sleep curve setting.

Sleep function will be disabled if the air conditioner is restarted after power failure; Sleep function can not be set in AUTO mode.


To change batteries, slide cover off battery compartment on back of remote controller. Remove and safely discard old batteries. Insert two new AAA 1.5V dry batteries, using correct polarity. Reattach back cover.


  • If the remote controller will not be used for a long time, remove batteries to prevent leakage damage.
  • Be sure to aim the remote controller at the receiver of the main unit when operating.
  • When remote emits a signal, icon will flicker; a tone will be heard when unit receives that signal.


Remove batteries
Remove batteries


If remote controller is lost or damaged, the Vireo system can be turned off directly from the indoor unit. Lift the front panel of the indoor wall unit, then press the AUX button to turn on or turn off. When the unit is on, it will operate in AUTO Mode.

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