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TradePro TP00286

A/C Leak Freeze 1.5 oz. with Magic Frost and 1/4" Adapter
TradePro TP00286 -  A/C Leak Freeze 1.5 oz. with Magic Frost and 1/4" AdapterTradePro TP00286 - A/C Leak Freeze 1.5 oz. with Magic Frost and 1/4" Adapter
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SKU: TP00286
Brand: TradePro

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A/C Leak Freeze with Magic Frost and with the 1/4" Adapter Which Is Necessary For Installation.
A/C Leak Freeze Will Stop Leaks Of Refrigerant Gas In Hvacr Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems In Homes and Commercial Buildings. A/C Leak Freeze Is Inert Until It Mixes with The Refrigerant. It Is Activated By Refrigerant Escaping At The Site Of A Leak - Forming A Chemical Weld and Sealing The Leak. A/C Leak Freeze Is Compatible with All Standard Refrigerant Gases. It's Polymer-Free, Tested To Be Non-Clogging To The A/C Compressor and Recovery Unit - It's A Permanent Fix.

A/C Leak Freeze Features:
  • Permanently Seals Leaks In Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems.
  • Will Continue To Seal Additional Leaks For Up To 1 Year That Meet Testing Specifications.
  • Does Not Contain Polymers.
  • Not Activated By Moisture or Oxygen.
  • Tested To Be Non-Clogging To A/C Compressor and Recovery Unit.
  • Ideal For Preventive Maintenance and Leak Protection
Special Features Of Magic Frost - The Special Features Of A Performance Enhancer Available with The Benefits Of An A/C Stop Leak Product:
  • Extends Compressor Life and Reduces Noise
  • Improves A/C System Lubrication and Reduces Friction
  • Cleans and Revitalizes The A/C System
  • Reduces Energy Consumption
  • Enhances The Performance Of Older A/C Systems
**A/C Leak Freeze Is For Professional Use Only.
Weight 6.8 Ounce (oz.)
Height 1.5 Inches (in)
Width 7 Inches (in)
UPC 891838802863
Length 10 Inches (in)
Brand TradePro
Color Black
Size 1.5 Ounce
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